A Window on the River


You are looking for a stimulating job where you can put forward your team work facility and spend your energy? Camping Orléans offers a variety of positions that will please you, either in the office, on security assignment, as a lifeguard or on maintenance. Come and meet the challenge of a 5 star rated campground with the educating experience it provides. Yes, you will acquire skills that will serve you for a lifetime. Apart from the knowledge and aptitudes associated with the tourism industry, Camping Orléans will strengthen your aptitudes in team work, leadership, communications, service to the public and time management. All kinds of new responsibilities are there for you!

Camping Orléans offers an agreeable and secure work environment where respect towards the employees is a priority. Professional standards and initiative are privileged, good communication, fairness and mutual help are at the heart of our campground operations. Employees are listened to and their suggestions are implanted as often as possible. You will appreciate the interest shown by the owners, the competitive salaries and the flexible work schedules. Your efforts will be recognized by different bonuses and allowances, and mostly, a chance of advancement in the organization.

Situated in magnificent surroundings, on the shore of the St-Lawrence River, Camping Orléans is an outstanding work opportunity where quietness invites good humor and serenity. Are you looking for a full or part time job? The campground has something that will suit your lifestyle. Interested in joining a company with the best reputation, recognized nationally for the quality of its services? A simple contact will do it!

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